Products to bring comfort to the birth journey. Baby Nest Birth products help you heal faster after birth as well!

Bringing comfort to the birth journey

Using nature to heal & nurture moms

Nature based support

body-care for pregnancy, birth & postpartum
from the first kicks to birth

comfort for
all stages

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Growing a tiny human is hard.

Creating and birthing a baby is the most demanding transformation you will ever go through.

Your amazing body deserves care on this journey.

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Want a Shorter Labour?

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What Moms Are Saying About Our Pregnancy Power Tea

For my first 3 babies, I had LONG births! In my 4th pregnancy, I drank this tea regularly and my contractions were way more effective this time! I gave birth in under 5 hours! I really think the tea was the secret!


This blend is SO delicious! I have tried a lot of pregnancy teas and this one is by far the best tasting.


I swear by this tea! I send it to all my pregnant friends and they LOVE it! So yummy and helpful to the pregnant body. Thank you for figuring out a pregnancy tea that actually tastes good!


Customer Stories

I loved all these products! They smell amazing, like a spa of relaxation! It allowed me to get the self-care I deserved in pregnancy and having a baby.


I used this tincture in pregnancy and in the first months of postpartum and I NEVER struggled with milk supply. I put in some apple juice and it tasted great!


I was so scared of tearing during birth. My midwife recommended the Ease The Way Spray and Prepare Down There Balm. I felt more confident knowing I had prepared...and I had a 9lb baby with no tear! Thank you!

Prepare your "down there" for birth and faster postpartum healing

Worried about tearing?

You can prepare "down there" for birth & heal faster!

Prep your perineum for birth!
Baby Nest tincture provides lactation support, and helps new moms prepare for breastfeeding. This herbal tea for lactation contains no fenugreek. Increases milk supply naturally

need more milk?

This potent formula is fenugreek free and full of herbs to increase milk supply

Let It Flow Lactation Tincture